Wine Expo Costa Rica
Expo Vino Costa Rica

Picture from Expo Vino Costa Rica 2009

Picture from Expo Vino Costa Rica 2009

Wine Expo Costa Rica                                           

Date: October 18th  to October 20th, 2017

Edition: VI

Place: Eventos Pedregal, Costa Rica

Hour:  From 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Visitors 2015: 1,755


The Event

Expovino 2017 6th edition is organized by Apetito, a business to business magazine which the readers are gastronomy and hospitality professionals.  Wine Expo Costa Rica is the perfect place to meet with the main distributors of the wine business in the region. In the event will be different activities such as wine tastings, samplings, master classes, where the principal stars will be all the wine brands participating in the tradeshow.  This event captures the attention of all wine consumers by offering attractive activities.

The main objective of the event is to promote the culture, the knowledge and the potential business of wine.

More than 80 wine distributors and producers from all around the world. The visitors can taste the different wine varieties and qualities and get to know their main cellars.



Expovino Costa Rica will be held from Wednesday, October 18th  to Friday, October 20th, 2017 from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm at Centro de Eventos Pedregal, Heredia, Costa Rica.

Wednesday 18th will be reserved for the Hotel , Restaurant industry executives and special guests  (press, government).  Thursday 19th  and Friday 20th the event will be open to the public.


Exhibitor’s Profile

The booths are for the importers and wine distributors wine from the different regions.  We will also have stands with gourmet foods related with the wine industry such as cheese, delicatessen, crystal, etc.


Who will be there?

ExpoVino 2015 had 127 booths representing the following countries:





United States



New Zealand

South Africa




Why exhibit here?

Exhibiting at Expo Vino Costa Rica gives businesses the opportunity to:

·      Promote the wine culture.

·      Participate on strategic business transactions with the agents of the wine sector (restaurants, hotels, wine bars, liquor stores).

·      Introducing your products, meeting customers.

·      Encourage the knowledge of the intelligent consumption of wine.

·      Strengthen, renovate, and create new bonds with actual and potential buyers.


The Visitors

ExpoVino Costa Rica is a meeting point for those who want to learn and taste a large variety of wines.   


On Wednesday October 18th  

On Trade:

Propers, Administrators, F&B  Managers, Chefs, Sommeliers, Maitre' D, waiters

Bartenders of restaurants, Catering Services, Bars and Hotels

Off Trade:

Supermarket Purchase Managers, Liquor stores, Wholesalers, Dealers, Embassies.


On Thursday 19th and Friday 20th:  Wine lovers



What can visitors expect?

The ExpoVino visitors will have the opportunity to:

·      Get to know the best wines from different places in one.

·      Enjoy tutored tastings.

·      Learn more by participating in feature seminars.

·      Direct contact with wine importing and gastronomy suppliers.

·      Fair special offers.

·      Express your wine preferences.



The ExpoVino Costa Rica hours: from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Wednesday 18th will be reserved for the hotel, restaurant industry executives and special guests  (press, government).

Thursday 19th and Friday 20th the event will be open to the public.

The ticket price is $65.00 per day.  (Presale tickets are available at

The ticket includes:  a bottle of wine, entrance to the event, tasting glass, glass pocket, and the opportunity to participate in tutored tastings.



Expert oenologists and cellar representatives tutor wine tastings.

Visitors that participate in the tutored wine tastings will have the opportunity to travel “virtually” around world’s most renowned wine regions as well as tasting the wines.

Wine tasting sessions will take place during the duration of the event.

We want to create an appropriate ambiance that includes all the elements necessary to enjoy the wine tastings.  We also want to provide our sponsors with the best of service.

If you have any question please contact our assistant, Wendy Rojas, phone: (506) 4001-6746 or our marketing and communications coordinator Alejandra Monge, phone: (506) 4001-6723



ExpoVino offers 163 booths  measuring 2mts x 2 mts each with the following specifications:

Division walls (Plastiplay panels)


Labeling: including name of the cellar, distributor logo, country of origin flag, stand number and the ExpoVino Costa Rica logo.

Electric plug (double) 110v 9 amp

Table, 2 chairs, tablecloth

Fluorescent lamp

Event promotional material



The exhibitor must use the marquee, labeling, and division panels provided by the organization.  (The only reason you will not use the division panel is because you have two consecutive stands).

The exhibitor may ask for one or more stands according to their needs and objectives.  Stand mapping guide:


Booth price:  $1,805.00

Publication of 1page on the Exhibit Guide Directory:  $650.00

Stand Reservation Procedure

·      Please check availability with our commercial advisor Guillermo Rodríguez, phone: (506) 8997-1651.  You will receive additional advice when deciding about your stand.

·      Signed contract (Please find a copy of the contract at the end of this document).

·      15% of the total amount must be paid 30 days prior to the event.

Additional Services

·      Wireless internet  $140.00

·      Electricity 220 watts  $140.00

Additional services may be contracted through our organization’s commercial advisor or customer service.





Exhibitors Directory

During the event, visitors will receive an exhibit guide called the “Directorio”.  This guide will have all the contact information of each exhibitor in alphabetical order, the activities schedule, and could include infomercials about any of the brands in the event.  The guide will also include a list of all the wines and the exhibitors.  The cost for each page is $650.00 and $550.00 for half a page.




Tickets Expovino 2015

At the event: subject to availability (Includes bottle of wine)  $ 85

Pre-Sale:  From November 1st 2014 to July 9, 2015 (Includes Bottle of wine)   $ 65

Sale: From July 10, 2015  to  October 7, 2015    $ 75

Professional buyers  (On Trade and Off Trade): Free admission with Pre-registration for day Wednesday , October 7.


*The free admission tickets DO NOT include bottle of wine.

*To retire the bottle of wine: the person must retire it at the exit of the trade show presenting a coupon which will be given once it enters the event. The person won’t get to pick the bottle of wine, Expo Vino’s organization will pick it.

Rules and regulations  

1. Exhibitor: The exhibitors to be approved to participate in ExpoVino Costa Rica must produce, represent or commercialize products of interest for the asistents.

2. Disclaimer: The exhibitor agrees not to sue the organizer or the hotel if casualty losses, thefts or accidents to property or persons during the event.

3. Security:  The administration of ExpoVino offers security service with companies of high reputation during assembly, tradeshow  and disassembly. If exhibitors wish to hire additional security services should coordinate with the Committee Organizer.

4. Display area: No exhibitor may promote, display or advertise outside the allocated space

the booths  of your company. You can not hang anything from the roof structures or stand.

5. Obstruction of aisles: No demonstration or activity that results in obstruction of an aisle

or another stand will be allowed.

6. Damage to the building: The exhibitor is responsible for damage to walls, floors or columns of

the building, damage to property or equipment to other exhibitors stands. The exhibitor not

can apply paint, lacquer, adhesives or other coatings to the building, the floor, columns or equipment of

the stands.

7. Special Services: If the exhibitor requires special services of electricity, water or other services

will be installed only when the exhibitor's request and agreed in advance to cover the costs of installation.

8. Representatives: Each exhibitor must appoint representatives to be present during all

hours of the trade show on the stand assigned.

9. Fire and safety: All safety regulations and fire prevention must be obeyed immediately. The use of fire or highly flammable materials on display is prohibited.

10. Music: Music can be used within the stands provided they do not disturb others exhibitors.

11. Installation: All exhibitors must be ready for display at the time indicated by the Organizer Committee. After opening activities will not be allowed to bother installing stand by noise or movement.

12. Insurance: It is recommended that exhibitors confirm that your policy covers theft, damage to third parties and liability during the event.

13. Noise: Music, mechanical or electrical instruments produce a sound can be used when they do not disturb other exhibitors. Management reserves the right to determine the location.

14.Sale: During the event the company may take orders of wine, however delivery can not be performed at the event, but outside the venue.


Contact Information
Buy ticket on line:

Or contact

Alejandra Monge

Marketing and Communication Coordinator

(506) 4001-6723

(506) 7017-3720

Reserve your Booth:
Guillermo Rodriguez

(506) 4001-6722